About Us

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Let me tell you a story. The story of our own.Who we are and how we came to make a website like Outfit Boss.

We(two of us) really love outdoor camping. We both love long journey and we often went to visit many historical instant and tourist sport in Europ and USA.

At that time we faced a lot of problems choosing the tools that were necessary. We were looking for the best camping tent, camping cot or bed, best camping chair, table, best camping gas grill and so on.

So, we started to study and go through several blogs, forum, Reddit and gave 10 hours a day(we were obsessed, believe me!) to get the best products.

Here we have got the idea:

As we know a lot about camping information and camping tools or camping product, why not share this with others and help them to select the best products. So here we are on our website to provide you the best value.

Important Note:

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We always try to provide Unbiased information and that’s our number one priority.

Thanks a lot for joining us on this awesome journey and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.Cheers!