How to Wear a Hat?

Wearing a hat properly involves finding the right fit, appropriately matching the style with your outfit, adjusting the angle and ensuring that you maintain good hat etiquette in different situations. Hats come in various styles, including fedoras, baseball caps, beanies, and bowlers, among others.

You can wear a hat during casual outings or during formal occasions, making it a versatile accessory with a lot of potential. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to wear a hat appropriately in different settings, while maintaining a trendy and stylish look that perfectly matches your outfit.

So, let’s find out how you can wear a hat with confidence and style!

How to Wear a Hat?


Finding The Perfect Hat

Hats are great accessories that can spice up any outfit and bring out the best in you. However, finding the perfect hat that fits your style and personality is not always an easy feat. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect hat for you.

Know Your Face Shape And Choose A Hat That Complements It.

Your face shape is an important factor to consider when choosing a hat. Different hats look better on different face shapes. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • For a round face, choose a hat with a wide brim to balance the roundness.
  • For a heart-shaped face, a fedora or a cloche hat will work well.
  • For a square-shaped face, go for a soft rounded hat to soften the angles.
  • For an oval-shaped face, most hats work well.

Consider The Occasion And Choose A Hat That’S Appropriate For It.

The occasion you’re attending is also important in choosing a hat. Hats may not be suitable for some occasions, while they’re perfect for others. Here are some examples:

  • For a wedding, a fascinator or a pillbox hat works well.
  • For a sporty event, a baseball cap or a visor is a good choice.
  • For a formal event, a wide-brimmed hat or a fedora is appropriate.

Think About The Material And Choose A Hat That’S Comfortable For You.

The material of the hat is also crucial in choosing the right one. It’s important to choose a hat that’s not only stylish but also comfortable to wear. Here are some materials to consider:

  • Wool: It’s perfect for colder months as it keeps you warm.
  • Straw: It’s great for summer and beach wear as it’s breathable and lightweight.
  • Felt: It’s a versatile material that can be worn in all seasons.

Pay Attention To The Size And Make Sure The Hat Fits Well.

The size of the hat is also crucial in finding the perfect hat. A hat that’s too small or too big can ruin your look. Here are some tips to help you find the right size:

  • Measure your head: Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows.
  • Try it on: It’s always best to try on hats before making a purchase.
  • Check the fit: Make sure the hat fits snugly on your head without being too tight or loose.

Finding the perfect hat doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By knowing your face shape, considering the occasion, thinking about the material, and paying attention to the size, you’ll be able to find the perfect hat that complements your style and personality.

Baseball Cap

Wear It Backwards For A Casual Look

Baseball caps are often worn backwards to achieve a laidback style. To make the most of this casual look, consider the following tips:

  • Choose a cap with a solid color or a simple design. This way, the focus remains on the overall outfit.
  • Wear your hair down or in a messy bun to complement the casual vibe.
  • Avoid wearing a baseball cap backwards in formal situations, as it can come across as inappropriate.

Pair It With A T-Shirt And Jeans For A Laidback Outfit

Pairing a baseball cap with a t-shirt and jeans is the ultimate way to achieve a laidback style. Follow these tips to ensure your outfit looks its best:

  • Choose a cap that complements the colors of the t-shirt and jeans. A neutral or solid-colored cap often works best.
  • Roll up the sleeves of the t-shirt for a relaxed look.
  • Wear sneakers or casual shoes to complete the outfit.

Wear It With A Sports Jersey To Show Support For Your Favorite Team

Baseball caps are the perfect accessory to wear with a sports jersey to show support for your favorite team. Here’s how to make sure you rock this look:

  • Choose a team jersey that complements the colors of the cap.
  • Wear the cap forwards to ensure the team logo is visible.
  • Pair the outfit with sneakers or athletic shoes for a sporty look.

By following these tips, you can confidently rock a baseball cap as part of your daily outfit. Whether you choose to style it backwards or forwards, with a t-shirt and jeans, or with a sports jersey, you’ll be sure to turn heads with your perfect casual look.


How To Wear A Beanie?

Beanies are a popular and versatile accessory that can add style and warmth to any outfit, but many people struggle to find the right way to wear them.

Wear It Over Your Ears For Extra Warmth.

One of the most popular ways to wear a beanie is to pull it down over your ears to provide extra warmth on cold days. This look works well with a variety of outfits, including casual and athletic wear.

  • Pull the beanie down over your head until it reaches your ears.
  • Avoid tucking your hair behind your ears as this can create unwanted bulk.
  • Make sure the beanie is snug but not too tight to avoid discomfort.

Pair It With A Casual Outfit For A Relaxed Look.

Beanies are great for adding a relaxed and laidback vibe to any outfit. They are particularly popular with casual wear, including jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies.

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  • Choose a beanie in a color that complements your outfit.
  • Avoid pairing bright or patterned beanies with similarly bold clothing as it can create a clash.
  • Play around with different styles, such as slouchy or cuffed, to find the best fit for you.

Choose A Beanie With A Pom-Pom For A Fun And Playful Look.

If you want to add a touch of fun to your outfit, consider a beanie with a pom-pom. These playful details are a great way to add some personality to any look.

  • Make sure the pom-pom doesn’t weigh the beanie down and that it sits comfortably on your head.
  • Avoid pairing a pom-pom beanie with busy tops or large accessories to keep the focus on the beanie.
  • Choose a pom-pom color that complements the beanie and your outfit as a whole.

Beanies are a fun and stylish accessory that can add warmth and personality to any outfit. By following these tips, you can wear a beanie with confidence and style.


Hats are a great way to add some flair to any outfit. A classic option is the fedora, which can be both formal and casual depending on how you wear it. Here are some ways to style a fedora:

Choose A Neutral Color For A Classic Look

The right color can make or break an outfit. When it comes to fedoras, neutral colors like black, brown, and gray are great options. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They’re classic colors that never go out of style.
  • They pair well with a variety of other colors and patterns.
  • They’re versatile and can be worn to both formal and casual events.

Pair It With A Suit For A Formal Event

Fedoras can add a touch of sophistication to any suit. Here’s how to wear them together:

  • Choose a neutral colored fedora that matches your suit.
  • Wear it tilted slightly forward.
  • Make sure it’s not too big or too small for your head.
  • Keep the rest of your outfit simple to let the fedora be the statement piece.

Wear It With A Turtleneck Sweater And Jeans For A Casual Outfit

Fedoras can also be dressed down for a more casual look. Here’s how:

  • Choose a neutral colored fedora that matches the rest of your outfit.
  • Pair it with a turtleneck sweater and jeans.
  • Make sure the fedora is slightly oversized for a more relaxed look.
  • Don’t forget to wear some comfortable shoes!

No matter how you wear it, a fedora is a great way to add some style to your outfit. Just remember to choose the right color and pair it with the right clothes to make it work.


Choose A Hat That Complements Your Outfit And Personal Style.

When selecting a hat, it’s critical to keep your outfit and personal style in mind. Here are some points to consider:

  • Choose a hat that flatters your face shape and size. For example, if you have a round face, opt for a hat with a more elongated shape, such as a fedora, to help balance out the roundness.
  • Consider the color of your outfit when selecting a hat. A neutral-colored hat like black or brown goes well with most outfits, while a bold-colored hat can add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.
  • Think about the occasion you are attending. A casual outing calls for a more relaxed style of hat, such as a baseball cap or beanie, while a formal event requires a more dressy hat, such as a wide-brimmed floppy hat or a fascinator.

Experiment With Different Types Of Hats Until You Find Your Favorite.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wearing a hat. Here are some suggestions to help you find the right hat for you:

  • Start with the basics. Try on various styles, such as fedoras, beanies, baseball caps, and floppy hats, to determine which style suits you best.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try on different materials, such as wool, straw, or felt, to see how they feel on your head.
  • Consider the outfits that you own and the occasions you attend. Try out different hats with these outfits to see which styles work best for you.
  • Don’t feel pressure to conform to trends. If you feel the most comfortable in a classic style of hat, stick with that, no matter the current fashion.

Wear Your Hat With Confidence And Own Your Style.

Ultimately, the key to wearing a hat is confidence. Here are some tips to help you feel confident in your hat-wearing ability:

  • Make sure your hat fits properly. A hat that is too small or too large can lead to discomfort and a lack of confidence.
  • Wear your hat at the correct angle. This will depend on the style of hat, but generally, hats should be worn straight on the head or tilted slightly back.
  • Don’t constantly touch or adjust your hat. This gives the impression that you are uncomfortable, and it can draw attention away from your overall outfit.
  • Finally, embrace your personal style and wear your hat with pride. With the correct outfit and confidence, a hat can be a statement accessory that adds sophistication and interest to any outfit.


How To Wear A Hat: Don’Ts

When it comes to wearing hats, there are some mistakes that can make your entire outfit look off. Here are some don’ts that you need to keep in mind when wearing a hat:

Don’T Wear A Hat That’S Too Small Or Too Big For Your Head.

Wearing a hat that doesn’t fit your head properly is a big fashion mistake. Not only can it look awkward and strange, but it can also impact your comfort. Here are some tips to make sure your hat fits well:

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  • Measure your head to find the right size.
  • Avoid hats that sit too high or too low on your head.
  • Choose a hat that doesn’t squeeze your head and leaves you feeling comfortable.

Don’T Wear A Hat That Clashes With Your Outfit.

Wearing a hat that doesn’t match your outfit is a blunder that can ruin your entire look. Here are some tips to make sure your hat complements your outfit:

  • Consider the color scheme of your outfit and choose a hat that will blend in.
  • Avoid wearing hats with prints or patterns that clash with your outfit.
  • Choose a hat that complements the style of your outfit.

Don’T Wear A Hat Indoors, Unless It’S Part Of A Costume Or You Have A Medical Condition.

Wearing a hat indoors is often considered impolite or rude. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule:

  • If you’re wearing a hat as part of a costume, it’s acceptable to wear it indoors.
  • Some people may have medical conditions that require them to wear hats indoors, such as alopecia or other hair loss conditions.

Remember, a hat is a fashion accessory that can enhance your overall look, but it’s all about finding the right one and wearing it the right way. Keep these don’ts in mind, and you’ll be able to pull off the perfect hat look every time.

Caring For Your Hat

Hats are stylish accessories that can complete any outfit. Whether you prefer a chic fedora or a trendy baseball cap, it is crucial to take proper care of your hat to ensure its longevity. Here are some helpful tips on caring for your hat.

Store Your Hat In A Cool, Dry Place

Proper storage is essential to maintain the shape and quality of your hat. Follow these tips for safe storage of your hats:

  • Store your hat in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.
  • Keep your hat in a hatbox or on a hat stand, so it maintains its shape. Avoid storing your hat in a crowded closet.
  • Avoid hanging your hat on a hook, as it can damage the brim.

Avoid Getting Your Hat Wet, If Possible

Getting your hat wet can cause shrinkage and distortion, making it challenging to restore to its original state. Here are some tips to avoid getting your hat wet:

  • Check the weather forecast before heading out, and avoid wearing your hat on rainy or snowy days.
  • Invest in a waterproof hat or apply a water-resistant spray to protect your hat from getting wet.
  • If your hat gets wet, let it dry naturally. Avoid using a hairdryer or heat source, as it can deform the shape of your hat.

Clean Your Hat Regularly According To Its Material And Manufacturer Instructions

Cleaning your hat regularly is essential to keep it clean and fresh. However, it is crucial to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to prevent causing damage to your hat’s fabric. Here are some tips for cleaning your hat:

  • Identify the material of your hat before washing it. Different materials like wool, cotton, and leather require different maintenance procedures.
  • Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from your hat’s surface. Avoid using abrasive materials that can cause scratches.
  • For stains and spills, use a specialized cleaning solution or spot cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid machine washing or drying your hat, as it can result in shrinkage and deformation.

Taking proper care of your hat is crucial to maintain its quality and longevity. You can achieve this by storing it in a cool, dry place, avoiding getting it wet, and regularly cleaning it using the appropriate methods. With these tips, you can proudly rock your hat and make a fashion statement for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Wear A Hat?

How To Choose The Right Hat Size?

To choose the right hat size, measure your head and use a size chart. The measurement should be taken across the forehead and above the ears. Different styles of hats have different fits, so make sure to read the hat’s description.

What Hats Are Appropriate For Formal Occasions?

For formal occasions, choose a traditional fedora or homburg. Match the color of the hatband to your shoes, belt, or other accessories. Avoid logos or bold patterns, and keep the brim width proportional to your face shape and body type.

How To Style A Baseball Cap?

To style a baseball cap, match it with a casual outfit, such as jeans or shorts. Keep the brim facing forward or slightly to the side for a relaxed look. Avoid wearing the cap backwards or with a suit and tie.


So, there you have it – our ultimate guide on how to wear a hat! Whether you’re looking for a stylish fashion accessory or simply trying to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, there’s a hat out there that’s perfect for you.

Remember to always choose a hat that complements your face shape and personal style, and take the weather and occasion into consideration when selecting your headwear. From the trendy bucket hat to the classic fedora, there’s no shortage of hat styles to choose from.

By following our tips on how to wear a hat, you’ll be able to effortlessly rock this versatile accessory and elevate your fashion game. So go ahead, experiment, and find that perfect hat that makes you feel confident and stylish.

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