What to Wear to Austin in the Fall?

For fall in austin, wear lightweight layers with closed-toe shoes. Austin’s warm weather temperaments during the fall season make for great outdoor activities.

From hiking adventures, walking trails, live music events to scenic drives, austin welcomes you with open arms. With cooler nights and warm days, dressing in layers is a must-have in your suitcases. A simple pair of jeans with a t-shirt can make for an excellent daytime outfit with a light sweater to add on for warmth during nights.

Footwear like loafers, boots, or sneakers are trendy and a practical choice in austin. However, open-toe shoes like sandals may still be worn for a couple of days. With this guide, your dress code this fall in austin is covered, and you are ready to enjoy your stay.

Fall Fashion Guide: What to Wear in Austin

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Weather Conditions In Austin During Fall

Fall is a great season to explore austin’s vibrant outdoor activities. It’s the perfect time to enjoy outdoor festivals, cycle around the city, and indulge in regional cuisine. But before you pack your bags for austin, you must familiarize yourself with the weather conditions.

Below we have discussed some of the essential aspects you need to know about the weather conditions in austin during fall.

Temperature Ranges During Fall In Austin

Fall in austin is refreshing, showcasing a scenic explosion of colors, and lovely temperatures. During this season, the city experiences mild temperatures with occasional cold fronts. Here are the temperature ranges you may expect during the fall season:

  • Average high temperature in september ranges from 89°f (31.67°c) to 79°f (26.11°c)
  • Average high temperature in october ranges from 80°f (26.67°c) to 70°f (21.11°c)
  • Average high temperature in november ranges from 71°f (21.67°c) to 64°f (17.78°c)

The temperature during fall in austin is not freezing, but it could get chilly, so bring a light jacket or a sweater for the cooler mornings and evenings.

Rainfall And Humidity Levels During Fall In Austin

Fall in austin brings in drier weather conditions, and you can expect fewer rainy days than the summer season. However, the occasional afternoon showers may come as a surprise, and the humidity levels remain relatively high. Here’s what you need to know about austin’s rainfall and humidity levels during fall:

  • Average rainfall in september is 2.99 inches (76 mm)
  • Average rainfall in october is 3.5 inches (89 mm)
  • Average rainfall in november is 2.98 inches (76 mm)
  • Humidity level ranges from 56% to 72%.

Despite frequent showers, the sun shines most of the time during the day, making outdoor activities enjoyable throughout the fall season.

Visiting austin during fall is a fantastic idea to experience the city’s incredible outdoor atmosphere and picturesque scenery. Whether you are planning to witness the vibrant fall foliage or visit the city’s attractions and events, keep these weather conditions in mind when packing.

With the right clothing and preparation, you can experience austin to the fullest during fall.

Top Fashion Trends To Consider For Fall In Austin

With cooler temperatures and festivities on the horizon, fall fashion is finally blooming, and austin is no exception. As we head into the new season, we’ve rounded up the top fashion trends to help you rock the austin fall look.

From fabrics to layering and colors, this guide is here to ensure you look stylish and stay warm throughout the season. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the latest fall fashion trends for austin.

Layering – How To Layer Up For Fall

Austin’s fall temperatures are notoriously unpredictable, which makes layering a key component of dressing at this time of year. Here are some tips to keep in mind when mastering the art of layering:

  • Play with proportions: Experiment with different lengths, textures, and fabrics to create statement layering looks. Try layering a long tunic under a cropped sweater or a wide-leg pair of pants under a mini dress.
  • Start with the basics: Layer a lightweight turtleneck under a dress or a denim jacket over a sweatshirt. The possibilities are endless!
  • Accessorize: Add a scarf, hat, or gloves to elevate and complete any layered look.

Fabrics – The Best Fabrics To Wear During Fall In Austin

Choosing the right fabrics is an essential part of every outfit, and fall is the perfect season to explore different textures. Here are some fabrics that are perfect for austin’s fall weather.

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  • Denim: A classic fabric that is always in trend. Denim pieces are versatile and can be styled in several ways, from jackets to skirts and jeans.
  • Leather: A perfect fabric for the cooler temperatures. A black leather jacket or a brown suede coat will be an excellent addition to your fall wardrobe.
  • Corduroy: A thicker fabric that adds dimension to your outfit. Try a corduroy skirt or pants with a chunky sweater for a cozy, stylish look.

Colors – The Perfect Fall Colors To Incorporate In Your Wardrobe

Incorporating warm fall colors into your wardrobe is an easy way to get in the spirit of the season and stay stylish. Here are some of the best colors to keep in mind when selecting your fall wardrobe.

  • Earthy tones: Embrace the natural beauty of fall with earthy hues like olive, burnt orange, burgundy, and chocolate brown.
  • Neutrals: The versatility of neutral colors like beige, cream, and taupe make them perfect for fall. Layer different shades of neutral colors for a chic and timeless look.
  • Jewel tones: Deep, rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple offer a pop of color to any fall outfit.

Austin’s fall weather is unpredictable, so layering is essential to stay comfortable and cozy. Experiment with different fabrics and textures to add dimension to your outfits, from classic denim to thick corduroy fabrics. Lastly, embrace the warm and rich colors of the season, incorporating earthy tones, neutrals, and jewel hues to make a fashion statement in austin.

Outfit Ideas For Different Occasions

Fall is a magical time in austin, texas. The weather is slightly cooler, and the city has a festive ambiance. But figuring out what to wear in austin in the fall can be challenging in a state where the weather can change in a second.

Here are some outfit ideas for different occasions to make packing for your trip stress-free.

Casual Wear – Perfect Fall Looks For Running Errands Or Weekend Brunch

When it comes to casual wear, comfort and style are key. Here are some outfit ideas for running errands or enjoying a lazy brunch with friends:

  • Sweater dress with ankle boots: Pair a comfy sweater dress with a pair of ankle boots for an effortless yet chic look.
  • Flannel shirt and jeans: Embrace the fall feeling by slipping on your favorite flannel shirt with skinny jeans and sneakers.
  • Denim jacket and midi dress: A denim jacket can add a stylish flair to any casual outfit, pair it with a midi dress and ankle booties for an easy-going vibe.

Workwear – How To Dress For Work During Fall

Looking professional while still being stylish may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. Here are some ideas to keep your workwear fall-appropriate:

  • Turtleneck sweater and plaid skirt: A turtleneck sweater is a classic wardrobe staple that can instantly elevate a plaid skirt. Wear it with knee-high boots to complete the look.
  • Culottes and blazer: Culottes are a fall essential with a modern twist. A tailored blazer and a pair of pumps can take this outfit to the next level.
  • Long sleeve wrap dress: A wrap dress is a versatile piece that can be worn to the office or dinner. Pair it with a statement necklace and ankle boots to complete the look.

Nightlife Outfits – What To Wear For A Night Out In Austin During Fall

Austin comes alive at night, with excellent restaurants, bars, and music venues. Here are some outfit ideas to help you look your best during a night out:

  • Leather pants and a lace top: Leather pants can add a touch of edge to your outfit. Paired with a delicate lace top, and high heels, you’re ready for a night on the town.
  • Sequin dress and statement earrings: A sequin dress will make you stand out in any crowd. Keep the rest of the outfit minimal and let the dress and accessories speak for themselves.
  • High waisted skirt and crop top: Bold and beautiful, a high-waisted skirt paired with a crop top is the perfect combination for a night out in austin. Don’t forget to accessorize with bold, sparkly earrings.
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Whether you’re running errands, heading to the office, or going out for dinner and drinks, these outfit ideas will have you looking your best while enjoying all that austin has to offer.

Must-Have Accessories For Fall In Austin

Footwear – The Best Shoes To Wear During Fall In Austin:

While most cities experience cooler temperatures in the fall, austin remains relatively warm with temperatures averaging around 70°f. So, what shoes should you wear around town this season? Here are a few options:

  • Ankle boots: Perfect with skinny jeans or leggings, ankle boots are a must-have for fall in austin. They offer a bit of warmth but also keep your feet cool in the warm weather – a win-win situation!
  • Sneakers: Stylish and comfy, sneakers are perfect for exploring austin’s various outdoor activities. They also offer great traction for hiking trails in the hill country.
  • Comfortable flats: When it comes to dressier occasions, comfortable flats are the way to go. Pair them with a maxi dress or skirt, or even dress them up with slacks for a business event.

Headwear – The Perfect Hats To Protect From The Sun While Still Staying Stylish:

While fall might bring cooler temperatures, it’s important to protect yourself from the sun during the day. Here are a few hats that will protect you while still keeping you stylish:

  • Fedora hats: These versatile hats come in a variety of colors and styles and are perfect for any occasion. They offer great sun protection while adding a touch of style to any outfit.
  • Wide-brimmed hats: Offering excellent sun protection for your face and neck, these hats are perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking or visiting the local farmers’ market.
  • Baseball caps: Not just for sports, baseball caps are perfect for a casual day out and offer great protection for your face and eyes.

Bags – The Right Type Of Bag For Different Occasions During Fall In Austin:

Whether you’re running errands or attending a fancy event in austin this fall, it’s important to find the right bag for the occasion. Here are a few options:

  • Tote bags: These are perfect for running errands or taking items to work. They are spacious and can hold everything from a laptop to groceries.
  • Cross-body bags: For a day out exploring the city, a cross-body bag is perfect. It’s easy to carry and offers quick access to your belongings.
  • Clutch bags: For a special occasion, such as a wedding or party, a clutch bag is perfect. It’s small and easy to carry, yet it can hold all your essential items. Choose one with a fun pattern or sparkly finish to make a statement.

Frequently Asked Questions On What To Wear To Austin In The Fall?

What Is The Weather Like In Austin In The Fall?

In the fall, austin experiences mild weather, with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to low 80s fahrenheit.

What Kind Of Clothing Should I Wear In Austin In The Fall?

We suggest wearing comfortable layers to help navigate through austin’s fluctuating temperatures in fall.

Should I Pack A Swimsuit For Austin In The Fall?

Yes, you should pack a swimsuit if you’re planning to experience hot springs or hit up the resort-style pool that’s open throughout the year.


As the fall season approaches in austin, the weather starts getting cooler, and the city becomes even more vibrant. With plenty of events happening around town, it can be confusing to choose the perfect outfit that balances style and comfort.

However, don’t let the weather put a damper on your fashion choices! Instead, embrace the essence of austin and incorporate unique pieces that reflect your personality. Explore different styles, textures, and layers to add depth to your fall wardrobe. Remember to stay practical but do not be afraid to experiment with bold patterns, accessories, and statement pieces.

With the right mindset and a little bit of creative flair, you can say goodbye to the dreaded phrase, “i have nothing to wear,” and say hello to a fall wardrobe that is fashionable and functional. So embrace the season and flaunt your style in austin!

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