What to Wear to Visit the Vatican?

To visit the vatican, it is important to dress modestly and respectfully, covering shoulders and knees. When entering the holy site, wear appropriate attire, such as knee-length skirts or pants, and avoid sleeveless tops or revealing clothing.

Conservative and comfortable outfits are recommended to show respect for the vatican’s religious significance and to comply with the dress code. As a visitor, wearing respectful clothing helps maintain a reverent atmosphere in this sacred place. Following these guidelines ensures a smooth and respectful visit to the vatican, allowing you to fully appreciate its historical and cultural significance.

Dress Code Guidelines At The Vatican

Visitors to the vatican should adhere to the dress code guidelines by wearing modest attire. This includes covered shoulders, knees, and no low-cut or sleeveless tops. Comfortable shoes are also recommended for long walks and standing.

When visiting the vatican, it’s important to respect the dress code rules to ensure a smooth entry into this sacred place. Dressing appropriately shows respect for the vatican’s cultural and religious significance. Here are the general guidelines to keep in mind:

General Dress Code Rules:

  • Shoulders and knees should be covered: Both men and women are required to wear appropriate attire that covers their shoulders and knees. Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and shorts are not permitted.
  • No low-cut or sheer clothing: Avoid wearing low-cut tops or revealing clothing that may be deemed disrespectful. Sheer materials or clothing that is too tight are not appropriate either.
  • Modest clothing for women: Skirts or dresses should reach at least the knee length. If wearing pants, they should be full-length. Avoid clothing that is too tight or revealing.
  • No hats or head coverings: Except for religious reasons, hats and headscarves should not be worn inside the vatican.
  • Consider comfortable footwear: The vatican museum comprises vast collections that require walking, so it’s important to wear comfortable shoes.

Remember, these guidelines ensure a respectful experience while exploring the vatican. By dressing appropriately, visitors contribute to the preservation of its traditions and values.

Appropriate Attire For Men

Discover the appropriate attire for men when visiting the vatican. Dress respectfully, opting for tailored clothing, such as a suit or dress pants with a collared shirt, to show reverence and respect.

Suggestions For Men’S Attire When Visiting The Vatican

When planning a visit to the vatican, it’s important to dress appropriately to show respect for the religious significance and cultural heritage of this iconic destination. Here are some suggestions for men’s attire that will ensure you are appropriately dressed:

  • Wear a suit or dress pants with a collared shirt: Opt for a well-tailored suit or dress pants paired with a collared shirt. This displays a refined and elegant appearance while adhering to the vatican’s dress code.
  • Choose long-sleeved shirts: To comply with the dress code, it’s advisable to wear long-sleeved shirts that cover your shoulders and upper arms. This demonstrates a modest and respectful choice of attire.
  • Consider a blazer or sport coat: If you prefer a slightly more relaxed attire, you can choose to wear a blazer or sport coat with dress pants. This maintains a sophisticated and polished look while adhering to the dress code.
  • Select closed-toe shoes: To complete your outfit, it’s recommended to wear closed-toe shoes, such as dress shoes or loafers. Avoid wearing sandals or open-toe footwear, as it may not be considered appropriate for the vatican.
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What To Avoid Wearing As A Man At The Vatican

To avoid any potential issues or discomfort during your visit to the vatican, it’s important to be aware of what attire to avoid. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Tank tops or sleeveless shirts: The vatican requires visitors to have their shoulders and upper arms covered. Therefore, it is not appropriate to wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
  • Shorts or short skirts: To adhere to the vatican’s dress code, it is best to avoid wearing shorts or short skirts. Opt for longer trousers or dresses that cover your knees.
  • Graphic or offensive prints: It is considered respectful to avoid wearing clothing with graphic or offensive prints. Choose attire with neutral colors and patterns instead.
  • Hats or caps: While headwear is not strictly prohibited, it’s advisable to remove hats or caps when entering churches or religious sites within the vatican. This displays cultural sensitivity and respect.
  • Excessive jewelry: To maintain a modest and respectful appearance, it’s best to avoid wearing excessive or flashy jewelry. Keep your accessories minimal and understated.

By following these suggestions and avoiding inappropriate attire, you can ensure a comfortable and respectful visit to the vatican. Remember, dressing appropriately is a small gesture that shows your appreciation for the sacredness of this extraordinary destination.

Appropriate Attire For Women

When visiting the vatican, women should ensure their attire is appropriate, including covering their knees and shoulders. Opt for modest dresses or skirts and avoid low-cut tops or shorts to respect the religious nature of the site.

Suggestions For Women’S Attire When Visiting The Vatican:

  • Dress modestly: Since the vatican is a holy place, it’s important to wear clothing that shows respect for the sacred environment. Opt for outfits that cover your shoulders and knees.
  • Wear a shawl or scarf: In case you’re wearing a sleeveless top or dress, carrying a shawl or scarf can help cover your shoulders when needed.
  • Choose tops with a higher neckline: Make sure your tops don’t reveal too much cleavage. Opt for tops with a higher neckline to maintain modesty.
  • Select bottoms that cover the knees: Avoid wearing shorts or skirts that are too short. Instead, choose bottoms that cover your knees, such as skirts or dresses.
  • Go for comfortable footwear: The vatican is quite expansive, so wearing comfortable shoes is essential. Opt for closed-toe shoes or dressy sandals to ensure both comfort and style.
  • Opt for lightweight fabrics: Since the vatican can be crowded, lightweight fabrics can help you stay cool and comfortable, especially during warm weather.
  • Consider layering: If you’re visiting during cooler months or are uncertain about the temperature inside, consider layering with a cardigan or light jacket that complements your outfit.

What To Avoid Wearing As A Woman At The Vatican:

  • Revealing outfits: Avoid clothing that is too revealing, such as low-cut tops, short skirts, or dresses that expose shoulders. It’s vital to respect the vatican’s dress code.
  • Off shoulder or spaghetti strap tops: These types of tops are not appropriate for a visit to the vatican. Opt for tops with wider straps that cover your shoulders.
  • Transparent or sheer fabrics: Clothing items made of transparent or sheer fabrics may not be suitable for a visit to the vatican. Ensure that your outfit is not see-through.
  • Beachwear or casual attire: The vatican is a place of worship, so beachwear, athleisure wear, or overly casual attire, like flip-flops or tank tops, should be avoided.
  • Excessive accessories: While accessories can enhance an outfit, avoid wearing excessive jewelry or accessories that could potentially distract from the spiritual experience.
  • Loud or flashy prints: It’s recommended to avoid wearing clothing with loud or flashy prints, as they may draw unwanted attention and can be seen as disrespectful.
  • Heavy or bulky backpacks: Instead of carrying a heavy backpack that may obstruct passages, consider using a smaller bag or purse for your essentials.
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Remember, adhering to the appropriate dress code at the vatican not only shows respect for the holy site but also ensures an enjoyable and meaningful visit.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What To Wear To Visit The Vatican?

What Should I Wear To Visit The Vatican?

It is recommended to dress modestly when visiting the vatican. Men should wear long pants and shirts with sleeves, while women should wear knee-length skirts or dresses. Both men and women should avoid wearing shorts, tank tops, and revealing clothing to show respect for the religious nature of the vatican.

Can I Wear Sandals Or Flip-Flops To The Vatican?

While sandals or open-toed shoes are allowed at the vatican, it is best to opt for closed-toe shoes for comfort and respect. Remember that the vatican is a religious site, so it’s important to dress appropriately and comfortably to fully enjoy your visit.

Are Hats Allowed At The Vatican?

Hats are allowed at the vatican, but it is customary to remove them when entering churches or religious spaces out of respect. So, while you can wear a hat during your visit, be mindful of the places where it is appropriate to take it off and follow the local customs.


When planning a visit to the vatican, it is crucial to consider the appropriate attire to show respect for the religious significance and cultural heritage of this ancient city-state. Dressing modestly, men should opt for long pants and a shirt with sleeves, while women should choose knee-length skirts or dresses with covered shoulders.

Avoiding revealing clothing and wearing comfortable shoes are essential for exploring the vast vatican city. By adhering to these dress code guidelines, visitors can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during their time in the vatican. Remember, appropriate attire demonstrates your understanding and appreciation for the religious and cultural significance of this remarkable place.

So, pack your modest yet stylish outfits, put on your most comfortable shoes, and get ready to embark on a memorable journey through the vatican’s historic wonders.

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