Wedding Guest Outfit Trends

Wedding guest outfit trends are leaning towards bright and bold colors and relaxed, comfortable styles. As wedding season is in full swing and covid-19 restrictions are slowly lifting, many of us are excited to attend weddings and dress up for the occasion.

Whether you’re attending a formal black-tie affair or a casual beach wedding, guests are opting for colorful and comfortable outfits. Bold hues like fuchsia, yellow, and emerald green are popular choices, as are flowy maxi dresses and wide-leg pantsuits. Additionally, sustainable fashion and eco-friendly fabrics are becoming more prevalent in the wedding world.

By keeping these trends in mind, guests can feel confident and stylish in their attire while celebrating the happy couple.

10 Must-Follow Wedding Guest Outfit Trends


Understanding The Dress Code

Wedding Guest Outfit Trends: Understanding The Dress Code

Wedding invitations often come with a dress code that indicates what attire is suitable for the event. However, many people feel uncertain about what to wear, especially when dress codes are not explicitly straightforward. Understanding the different wedding dress codes, their requirements, and how to style various pieces to fit each dress code is essential to ensure you look your best and enjoy the occasion comfortably.

Overview Of The Different Types Of Wedding Dress Codes (I.E., Black Tie, Semi-Formal, Beach)

Different wedding venues, times of the day, and the couple’s preferences dictate the dress code, and it’s always advisable to adhere to it. Here are some of the most common dress codes and what they entail:

  • Black tie: A formal event that requires elegant and sophisticated attire. Men should wear tuxedos, while women are expected to wear floor-length dresses or evening gowns.
  • Semi-formal: A dress code that is less formal than black tie but still requires sophistication. Men should wear dark suits and ties, and women can wear knee-length or cocktail dresses.
  • Beach: A dress code that complements the beach surroundings, giving attendees a relaxed and casual feeling. Men should wear light suits or linen shirts with dress pants, while women can wear sundresses or flowy skirts. Flat shoes are a must!

Suggestions On How To Determine The Appropriate Outfit For Each Dress Code

Consider the wedding’s location and setting to determine the appropriate outfit for each dress code. For example:

  • Look at the invitation wording: It may explicitly state the dress code or provide you with hints about the expected attire.
  • Consider the venue: An upscale hotel would require more formal attire compared to a beach or backyard wedding.
  • Think about the season: The dress code for a summer wedding may differ from that of a winter wedding.
  • Do your research: Check the venue’s website or social media pages to get an idea of the expected attire.

How To Style Certain Pieces To Fit Specific Dress Codes

Styling the right pieces to fit a particular dress code can make all the difference in how you look and feel at a wedding event. Here are some tips:

  • Black tie: Opt for a classic tuxedo, black patent leather shoes, and a bow tie for men. Women can wear floor-length dresses with minimal accessories, like chandelier earrings or an elegant clutch.
  • Semi-formal: Men can wear a dark suit and tie in a neutral color such as black, navy, or gray. Women can opt for knee-length cocktail dresses or skirts and blouses with fashionable statement jewelry.
  • Beach: For a more relaxed feel, men can wear light-colored linen suits or a white cotton suit with slip-on shoes. Women can dress colorfully or opt for sundresses with comfortable flats and beautiful beach-inspired accessories like flower crowns or seashell necklaces.

Understanding the dress code and choosing the appropriate attire for a wedding event is crucial in ensuring you feel confident and comfortable while looking exquisite. With these tips, you’re bound to be the best-dressed guest at any wedding event!

Trend 1: Bold And Bright Colors

Weddings are a special occasion that calls for guests to dress to the nines. The fashion industry is continuously evolving, and so are the trends for wedding guest outfits. One of the latest trends is bold and bright colors, which adds life to the outfits and stands out from the rest.

Here, we’ll discuss how bright colors are becoming more popular for wedding guests, along with some suggestions for incorporating them into an outfit, and tips for pairing them with accessories and shoes.

Explanation Of How Bright Colors Are Becoming More Popular For Wedding Guests

Weddings used to be all about soft pastel colors and traditional hues such as black and white. However, the trends have changed drastically over the years, and now bright colors are taking the spotlight. With the rise of millennial and gen z wedding guests, the preferences have shifted towards bold, bright, and highly saturated colors.

Bright colors are now being incorporated into various elements in wedding guest outfits. From dresses and suits to shoes and accessories, there are endless possibilities to add a pop of color to an outfit. The trend has also inspired designers to create colorful and vibrant outfits that cater to the wedding guests’ preferences.

Suggestions For Incorporating Bright Colors Into An Outfit

Incorporating bright colors into your wedding guest outfit can be tricky, but when done right, it can make you the center of attention. The following are some suggestions for adding a pop of color to your wedding guest outfit:

  • Choose one statement piece such as a brightly colored dress, suit, or blazer to make it the focal point of your outfit.
  • Add pops of color with accessories such as a colorful clutch, statement earrings, or bright heels.
  • If you’re hesitant to wear a bright dress or suit, go for colored separates such as a brightly colored skirt paired with a neutral blouse or vice versa.
  • Patterns with bold, bright colors such as florals, stripes, or prints are an excellent way to add color to your outfit without going overboard.

Tips On Pairing Bright Colors With Accessories And Shoes

Pairing bright colors with accessories and shoes is essential for achieving a cohesive and striking outfit. Here are some tips for pairing bright colors with accessories and shoes:

  • When pairing accessories with bright colored outfits, less is more. Accessories with colors such as black, gold, and silver complement the brightness of your outfit without overpowering it.
  • Neutral color shoes such as beige, nude, or tan works best for bold and bright outfits. This can help balance the colors of your outfit and shoes, making it more cohesive.
  • Metallic shoes such as silver and gold work well with bright colored dresses or suits and can add an extra element of elegance to your outfit.
  • Match your shoes with your accessories to create a cohesive look. For example, if you’re wearing gold earrings and clutch, wear gold heels to complement the look.
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By incorporating these tips and suggestions, you can create a trendy and stylish wedding guest outfit that will stand out from the crowd. Remember to have fun experimenting with different colors and styles and make your outfit an expression of your personality and fashion taste.

Trend 2: Non-Traditional Fabrics

Overview Of Non-Traditional Fabrics Like Velvet, Suede, And Leather

Looking for an outfit that is trendy and chic but still wedding guest appropriate? Why don’t you consider non-traditional fabrics that give an edgier, unique look to your outfit? Here is a brief overview of the fabrics you can incorporate into your wedding guest outfit.

  • Velvet: Luxuriously soft to the touch, velvet adds texture and depth to any outfit. It comes in various shades and is perfect for a winter wedding.
  • Suede: Lemme tell you something, suede is not only for fall outfits but also can be perfect for a wedding guest outfit. It’s soft, rich and comes in elegant earthy tones, so you can never go wrong!
  • Leather: You heard it here first, leather is not only meant for bikers or rock stars. Wearing a leather outfit can make the perfect fashion statement for a wedding guest outfit. Leather dresses, tops, pants, or skirts can be found in many colors and styles.

Suggestions On How To Incorporate Non-Traditional Fabrics Into A Wedding Guest Outfit

If you want to incorporate non-traditional fabrics into your wedding guest outfit, but you are unsure how to do it right, here are a few ideas:

  • Choose one statement piece: If you’re a little scared of trying these different fabrics, you can still make a statement by pairing a statement piece along with more traditional fabrics. For example, pairing a velvet blazer with your favorite black dress can spice up your outfit.
  • Experiment with textures: Incorporate different textures in your outfit. Wearing a velvet dress, suede pumps, and carrying a leather clutch will give you a balanced and cohesive look.
  • Paying attention to colors: Be mindful of the colors in your outfit, they can also play an important role. Opt for muted colors to keep the look elegant and understated.
  • Select your accessories wisely: Adding the right accessories can take your outfit to a whole different level. Gloves, shawls, and scarves can make an impact on your ensemble.

Tips On Accessorizing Non-Traditional Fabrics To Fit The Overall Vibe Of The Wedding

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Here are some tips on how to accessorize non-traditional fabrics so that they fit the overall vibe of the wedding:

  • Keep it simple: Match your bag and shoes with the fabric you choose for your outfit. This will make a cohesive look without going overboard.
  • Choose the right footwear: Don’t ruin your outfit with inappropriate shoes. Pick shoes that are elegant and comfortable so that you can dance the night away.
  • Pay attention to the jewelry: When accessorizing with non-traditional fabrics, less is more. So go for simple pieces of jewelry like stud earrings or thin bracelets.
  • Select the right hairdo: Choose a hairstyle that complements the fabric of your outfit. A sleek high ponytail with suede pants or a smooth bun with a leather midi dress can do wonders.

By incorporating non-traditional fabrics into your wedding guest outfit, you can make a statement while still keeping it formal. Just make sure to mix-and-match with other classic fabrics to create a harmonious look.

Trend 3: Jumpsuits And Pantsuits

Weddings are a special occasion, and it’s no surprise that everyone wants to look their best. With each passing year, fashion trends for wedding guests seem to evolve, and this year, jumpsuits and pantsuits are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is an excellent choice for those looking to add a modern touch to their attire.

Here’s everything you need to know about jumpsuits and pantsuits for wedding guests.

Explanation Of How Jumpsuits And Pantsuits Are Becoming More Popular For Wedding Guests

  • Jumpsuits and pantsuits were formerly reserved for more casual occasions, but they have evolved to become perfect for formal events like weddings.
  • For those tired of wearing the same dress styles wedding after wedding, jumpsuits and pantsuits give an alternative that’s both chic and comfortable.
  • This trend is becoming increasingly popular due to the freedom it provides to move and the distinct look it creates, making it a perfect option for a modern bride’s wedding party.

Suggestions On How To Style Jumpsuits And Pantsuits For Different Wedding Types

  • For a formal wedding, a sleek and tailored jumpsuit or pantsuit will give you a sophisticated look. Try darker colours such as black or navy and accessorize with gold or silver jewelry.
  • For a summer outdoor wedding, opt for a bright and cheerful coloured jumpsuit, or wear a patterned one for a lively feel. Add a pair of sleek wedges for a fashionable look.
  • For a rustic garden wedding, choose a floral printed jumpsuit or a light-hued cotton linen pant-suit. Accessorize with straw hats or sunglasses to give an outdoorsy touch.
  • For a beach wedding, choose a jumpsuit with flowy fabrics like chiffon to keep comfortable in the heat. Pair with delicate metallic sandals.

Tips On Accessorizing Jumpsuits And Pantsuits To Fit The Overall Vibe Of The Wedding

  • Always check the invited guest dress code and theme before accessory shopping. This is important to avoid looking out of place.
  • For an elegant vibe, opt for statement jewelry and high heels to add glamour to your outfit.
  • Feel free to add a belt to your jumpsuit or pantsuit to cinch your waist and add definition to the outfit.
  • If the wedding theme is more laid-back, try adding a pair of fun earrings or a chunky necklace to your outfit.
  • A clutch or a small purse is perfect for weddings, and it can make storing essentials like makeup or a cellphone more manageable for the day.

By following these tips and incorporating jumpsuits and pantsuits into your wedding attire, you’re bound to look effortlessly chic and comfortable. So go ahead, break away from the traditional wedding guest dress and make a statement with a stylish jumpsuit or pantsuit.

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Trend 4: Mix And Match

Wedding season is almost here, and every wedding guest is looking to steal the show with a unique and fashionable outfit. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect wedding guest outfit. However, if you want to be on-trend this wedding season, mix and match is the way to go.

Let’s explore this trend together.

Overview Of The Mix And Match Trend For Wedding Guest Outfits

The mix and match trend is all about pairing different textures, patterns, and colors to create a cohesive look that makes a bold statement. This trend is not only fashion-forward but also budget-friendly, as it allows you to create multiple outfits by mixing and matching different pieces.

Suggestions On How To Mix And Match Colors, Patterns, And Textures For A Cohesive Look

Now, let’s discuss how you can mix and match colors, patterns, and textures to create the perfect wedding guest outfit. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a base color: Start by selecting a base color that matches the formality and theme of the wedding. Then, choose other colors that complement your base color. For example, if your base color is navy blue, consider pairing it with mustard or burgundy.
  • Mix patterns of different sizes: When mixing patterns, ensure that each pattern varies in size and scale. For example, pair a large floral dress with a small polka dot scarf or a plaid jacket with striped trousers.
  • Experiment with textures: Combining different textures adds depth to your outfit, making it more visually interesting. For example, pair a lace blouse with a velvet skirt or a tweed jacket with satin pants.

Tips On Pairing Mix And Match Outfits With Accessories And Shoes

Last but not least, pair your mixed and matched outfit with the perfect accessories and footwear to complete your look. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep it simple: Avoid busy accessories and shoes that compete with your outfit. Instead, opt for classic and minimalistic pieces that complement your outfit.
  • Match your accessories to your outfit: Choose accessories and shoes that match one or more colors in your outfit. For example, if your outfit has a pop of red, wear shoes or a clutch that also features the same hue.
  • Balance your outfit: Ensure that your accessories and shoes balance your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a bold print dress, pair it with minimalistic shoes and accessories.

The mix and match trend is an excellent way to create a unique and fashionable wedding guest outfit. Be bold and experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures to create a look that you’ll love. Happy mixing and matching!

Trend 5: Sustainable And Ethical Fashion

Wedding Guest Outfit Trends: Sustainable And Ethical Fashion

As awareness of sustainable and ethical fashion grows, couples and guests alike are starting to prioritize eco-friendly attire. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability. Here are some tips on how to incorporate these trends into your wedding guest outfit.

Explanation Of How Sustainable And Ethical Fashion Is Becoming More Popular For Wedding Guests:

  • Consumers are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint and the impact on the environment.
  • Brands and retailers are realizing the importance of eco-friendly and socially responsible production.
  • Celebrities and influencers are promoting sustainable and ethical fashion, making it more mainstream.
  • Weddings and other special events are a great opportunity to showcase sustainable fashion choices.

Suggestions On How To Find Sustainable And Ethical Pieces For A Wedding Guest Outfit:

  • Look for brands that prioritize sustainable and ethical production, such as reformation and people tree.
  • Check for certifications such as fair trade, gots (global organic textile standard), and oeko-tex.
  • Consider renting an outfit or using a clothing rental service for one-time use, such as rent the runway or armoire.
  • Shop vintage or secondhand to give pre-loved clothing a new life.

Tips On Pairing Sustainable And Ethical Pieces With Accessories And Shoes:

  • Opt for statement accessories such as a bold necklace or earrings to elevate a simple outfit.
  • Choose shoes made from sustainable materials, such as vegan leather or recycled materials.
  • Look for locally sourced accessories to support small businesses and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Consider a natural makeup look to pair with your sustainable outfit.

With these tips, you can rock a sustainable and ethical outfit as a wedding guest. Not only will you look great, but you’ll feel good knowing you’re contributing to a better world.

Frequently Asked Questions For Wedding Guest Outfit Trends

What Is The Dress Code For A Wedding Guest?

The dress code for a wedding guest typically depends on the wedding invitation. For a formal wedding, dress in a floor-length gown. For a dressy casual wedding, wear a cocktail dress. For a casual wedding, opt for a sundress or khakis.

Avoid wearing white or black dresses.

What Are The Popular Colors For Wedding Guest Outfit?

Popular colors for wedding guest outfits include pastels, bright colors, and earth tones depending on the season. During summer, wear bright colors and pastels, earth tones for fall, and jewel tones for winter. Avoid wearing white as it’s typically reserved for the bride.

Can I Wear Pants As A Wedding Guest?

Yes, you can wear pants as a wedding guest, but make sure you choose the right style for the occasion. For a formal wedding, choose dress pants with a silky blouse or a jumpsuit. For a casual wedding, choose linen or cotton pants with a flowy top.

Avoid wearing jeans unless the invitation says it’s okay.


As a wedding guest, you want to dress to impress and feel confident while also adhering to the dress code. The wedding guest outfit trends for 2021 are all about individuality and self-expression. Whether you opt for a statement color or bold pattern, or keep it simple with classic neutrals, there’s a wide range of styles to choose from.

Don’t forget to accessorize with on-trend jewelry and footwear that complements your outfit. Remember to prioritize comfort so that you can dance the night away and enjoy the celebrations. With these tips in mind, you can create a standout wedding guest outfit that shows off your unique style while respecting the couple’s special day.

Whatever your personal taste, the key is to feel confident and comfortable in your outfit so that you can fully enjoy this special occasion.

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